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Directions to students

Page history last edited by Hassan Wilson 13 years, 8 months ago

Please do not print these instructions--they will change frequently. If you would like to view these directions at the same time as you make revisions, then open a new browser window or new tab to show this page and your page simultaneously.


Check this page frequently for updated directions. A copy of these instructions can be found on moodle as well.


Note: for privacy concerns, we cannot display last names of any student.


1. Create about 4 pages (one page per experiment) to be shared by your group members. Since each page is shared, you should write in 4th person: "Us" "We" "Our". Make sure to name each page with the descriptive title of your science fair project experiment followed by a hyphen followed by the first name of each group member in alphabetical order followed by the academic year.

Example: Temperature of Water Impacts the Weight of Lima Bean Plants - Barack, George, Hassan '08-'09


For each experiment page (make sure each section of the page is labeled):

NOTE: Feel free to copy, paste and edit parts from your lab report.

2. Include the title of the experiment and dates of experiment.

3. Include first name of each group member. 3. Include homeroom.

4. Include an abstract - This section includes the hypothesis and a brief description of the experiment. (We may be able to include a drawing of the experimental set-up-more details to come.) Also, include one sentence stating if the hypothesis was supported or not supported.

5. Include Materials and Methods Section (materials list and procedure)

6. Include Results Section. Provide a data table, properly labeled and titled and include all group member data. Include a graph--this may could be an electronic copy/scan of a hand drawn graph, a picture of your graph taken with a digital camera or a graph made using software like work or excel.

7. Include "lessons learned." In bullet form, include what you concluded and learned from the results of the experiment. In other words, you are including the most important ideas from your conclusions. Briefly explain what led you to each lesson learned. 

8. Add tags to your page. A tag allows someone to search for a particular topic, keyword, student or experiment topic. Click on the tags option on the right-hand side of your page. Look at my model page for examples of tags: Temperature of Water Impacts the Weight of Lima Bean Plants - Barack, George, Hassan '08-'09. You should "tag" your page with the first names of each group member separated by commas. For example, my model page tags are Hassan, Barack, George. Also include tags for your particular independent variable, dependent variable, type of organism (plant or animal), and organism name (lima bean, snail, etc.) My tags, in addition to the first names, are temperature of water (independent variable), weight (dependent variable), plant (type of organism), lima bean (organism name). Recap: add tags to each page and make sure each tag is separated by a comma.

9. Edit the Academic Year page "2008-2009" = Create a link on the Academic year page of this wiki to your science fair experiment page. You will have to edit the 2008-2009 page in order to add the links. Once you click "edit", a box will be shown entitled "insert links". Make sure the mouse cursor is clicked on the spot of the page that you wish to add the link. When you have clicked the cursor to the desired location then point the cursor to the insert links box, the pages mini box should be highlighted, and find the title of your page. Click on the title of your page. The link should appear on the frontpage. Save your work. (BTW- this trick can be used in the future to link your pages to each other.) When you add a link make sure it is under your homeroom section and place all of your links right after each other in chronological order; in other words, all of your pages should be linked one after each other in order. Color-code the experiments with the same color text; use a color that is not already being used by a group in your homeroom,  but feel free to use the same color as someone from another homeroom. Please be careful when highlighting the text because it is difficult to read.  Recap: add links for each experiment onto the academic year page (i.e., "2008-2009" page), make sure all of your links are together, under the correct homeroom, in order, and are written in the same color text.

10. In each of your group pages, add links to your other pages.

11. Throughout this process, I will evaluate your page. During these evaluations, I will post comments to your page. You must address these comments and make revisions. I will erase comments when they have been addressed. To learn more about the due dates, check moodle.

12. Your group will be responsible for adding warm and cool feedback as comments on a "partner" group. The partner group could choose to make changes based on the feedback but must at least respond by adding a comment to the page that received the feedback. The feedback should be about the experiment and the page.


Not sure yet! [13. Each group will create a final Wiki page. This page will answer the science fair essential question: How can we maximize plant growth while minimizing environmental impacts? This page will use outside research (at least 3 websites), use the results from the group's experiments and refer to at least 6 additional experiments (of other groups) from the science fair. Include links to all experiments mentioned and links to outside websites you used for research.]


NOTE: Experiment with the format and layout of each page. Make the pages attractive and eye-catching. The help menu brings you to the manual for editing the wiki. If you search through the manual, you can learn how to add a variety of programs, videos, images, documents, etc. Feel free to investigate the "insert plugin" menus. You can enhance your page with these plugins. Have fun. Don't be afraid to experiment. I can undo all of your changes!


Edits to page titles and deleting pages: Unfortunately, you cannot erase pages or rename them. In the event that you need a page renamed or deleted, kindly add a request Wiki Support with instructions for me. Each night, I will Wiki Support and make the revisions. Once a page has been renamed, all previous links will not work. For example, if you added a link to the 2008-2009 page, you will have to delete it, then add a new link.


Multiple people editing the frontpage or any other page simultaneously: Please do not edit the same page as someone else at the same time. It is likely that the edits will not be saved. If the website indicates that someone is currently editing the page, then please try again later. Recap: do not edit a page that someone is currently editing; this is known as "stealing the lock"


Adding comments to pages: Feel free to add a comment to the bottom of any page. You can give warm feedback, cool feedback, help, or pose and/or answer a question. Make sure your comment is relevant and helpful. This is not IM, please do not use this wiki as a socializing tool. Use it as a form of communication between young scientists! Use formal language.


Uploading visuals (like graphs, pictures and data tables):

Note - Please cite your sources. If you copied a video or picture from an outside source, include that information right below the picture or video. It is appropriate to include the URL if copied from a website.

From a PC - This is very easy! Just copy and paste directly onto the page while editing.

From a Mac - If the picture is in a word document, copy it. Open the application "preview." Once the program is opened (pay attention because the screen will not change that much), select "file" from the drop down menu then select "open new from clipboard" (or press apple N). The picture should appear. Save the picture, give it a descriptive name and include your name in the title. Also, change the format from pdf to jpeg. Make sure you know where it being saved because you will have to find it later.

Go back to the wiki, click on "upload file" in the upper right corner. It will take you to another screen with a list of documents. Click on "upload file" which will be close to the upper left hand section of the page. A small window will be displayed which will allow you to browse through the files on the computer. Once you locate your file, click "select." A progress bar should be displayed and let you know when the process is complete. Now, go to the page you wish to add the visual to and select "edit." When the edit page is displayed, click on the exact spot you wish to add the visual. Move the cursor to the "insert links" box on the right side of the page--this is the same box where you can add links to other pages. Instead of the "pages" option, click on "images and files." Once you find your image, click on the link. The picture should appear on your page.


Need help with this wiki: If you have other questions, feel free to go to the HELP menu or read the Manual. Also, give and/or receive help or make a request to Mr. Wilson at Wiki Support.  




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